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Welcome to the wilderness

bulletyou who want to see bears in the wild, or perhaps are dedicated photographers
bulletcome along to the mountain of the bears, a unique opportunity to get up close to the european brown bear

VARGAS VILDMARKSLODGE and Swedish Wildlife Tourism provide accessible viewing of bears through professionally arranged tours of the highest standard.  The lodge, where all the safaris vy över vargasoriginate and terminate, is situated in the forested “bear province” Hälsingland. You live in cabins with comfortable beds, and can shower in hot spring water, bathe in the lake or relax in the lakeside wood-fired sauna.
Following the first evening’s dinner is a slideshow and lecture, and after a few hours of bear chat it’s time to hit the sack. Getting to bed is important, as the coming nights won’t allow a lot of sleep!

björn tittarThe journey to the hide is a short hike of about an hour. We leave cars and minibuses behind, entering slowly the forest of the bears and absorbing the special ambience of the wilderness. Often we see signs of the animals tracks, pawed anthills and claw-marked stumps. Ants are a favourite snack of the brown bear, especially nice juicy carpenter ants. The territorial markings on the trees let you know that you are in the right area, and if you’re lucky you might see a bear right here!

A true adventure in ecotourism, selected by NATURES BEST!


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